Google Pay Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye – गूगल पे से पैसा कैसे कमाए

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Google Pay Explanation.

Google Pay is a digital wallet and payment system developed by Google. It allows users to store their credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, and other payment information in a virtual wallet on their mobile device and use them to make purchases in stores, online, or within apps.

To use Google Pay, users need to add their payment information to the app, and then they can use their mobile device to make payments in a variety of ways, including by tapping their phone on a contactless payment terminal, scanning a QR code, or sending money to other people using their email address or phone number.

Google Pay is available in a number of countries, and it is compatible with a wide range of payment networks and financial institutions. The service is free to use, and users can earn rewards and cashback for using it to make purchases.

How to earn money from Google pay

While Google Pay se paisa kaise kamaye is primarily designed as a payment system and not as a way to earn money, there are a few ways that you can potentially earn some cashback and rewards for using the app to make purchases.

Here are a few ways to potentially earn money from Google Pay:

Cashback offers: Google Pay often offers cashback deals for making purchases with specific merchants or for meeting certain spending thresholds. To take advantage of these offers, you typically need to activate them in the Google Pay app and then use the app to make the qualifying purchase.

Rewards points: Some credit cards and financial institutions that are compatible with Google Pay offer rewards points or cashback for using the app to make purchases. You can earn these rewards points in addition to any cashback offers that Google Pay is currently running.

Refer a friend: Google Pay occasionally offers referral bonuses for inviting friends to sign up for the app. To earn the bonus, you typically need to have your friend sign up for the app and make a qualifying purchase.

It’s worth noting that while you can potentially earn some rewards and cashback for using Google Pay, it’s unlikely to be a significant source of income on its own. The primary benefit of using Google Pay is its convenience and ease of use as a digital wallet and payment system.

How to create account in Google pay

To create an account in Google Pay, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Download the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on your mobile device.
  • Once the app is downloaded, open it and tap on the “Get Started” button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to enter your phone number and verify it with a verification code that Google will send to your phone via SMS.
  • Next, you’ll need to set up a screen lock on your phone for added security. If you don’t already have a screen lock set up, you’ll be prompted to do so.
  • After setting up your screen lock, you’ll be asked to add a payment method. You can add a credit or debit card by scanning it with your phone’s camera or manually entering the card information.
  • Finally, you’ll need to accept the Google Pay terms of service and privacy policy.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your Google Pay account will be set up and ready to use. You can add additional payment methods, such as loyalty cards or gift cards, by tapping on the “Payment methods” tab within the app.

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