Rinku singh hits 5 sixes in 5 ball | KKR wins and gujrat looses the match 

Rinku singh scores 48 runs in 21 balls with 5 continously sixes in 5 balls

Rinku singh

Rinku singh in 2017 plays for punjab but in 2018 he plays for kkr, in 2023 auction he gets 55 lakh

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HAfter changing the loosing match into winning match the eyes of rinku singh filled with the tears of happiness . this photodescribe the feeling of rinku singh after his best performance

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by the age of of 25 he plays his best performance in 2023 ipl. He hits 5 sixes in 5 ball to Dayal .

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Recently sarukh khan twitted on his twitter handle and appericated rinku singh with his latest dailoge " Jhoome jo Rinku"

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Recently many playes like Rohit sharma , rishab pant appericate the performance of Rinku sharma for his best performance

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